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Gu Yue / Ma Yiping

Painstaking Care
Oil on Canvas
Artist Biography

Gu Yue was born in 1938 in Sichuan. He graduated from the Sichuan Art Academy in 1960. He currently teaches at Southwestern Normal University and the Architectural Art Research Office at the same institution. He is an extremely versatile artist, producing oil paintings, Chinese paintings, sculpture, architectural art and other work.
Gu was already well known in his field as early as in the 60s. Many of his works have selected to attend National Art Exhibitions and won prizes as well as overseas art show, some of which are now housed in the Chinese Art Museum. As the artistic critic, Rund J. Spruit in Netherlands Hoorn Museum said: "Gu Yue adores classicism but sticks to realistic techniques. He shows his genius in composition, apprehension of colors and varied other techniques. He is not only a painter, but a thinker as well".

Ma Yiping was born in 1941, Zhejiang Province. In 1958, he entered the Drawing Department of the Sichuan Art Academy to study oil painting. After his graduation in 1962, he became an art teacher. Currently, Ma is a professor at the Oil Painting Department of the Sichuan Art Academy and head of the Art Education Research Institute.
Ma is an oil painter (his work is included in the collection of the China Art Institute and an art educator. He also made a name designing frescoes.

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