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Chen Yifei

中提琴手 The Violist (1988)
71 x 56
Limited Silk-Screen Print
威尼斯系列---大教堂 Venice series--- Church
49 x 72
Limited Silk-Screen Print
穿和服的女人 Teller
Limited Silk-Screen Print
女提琴手 Cellist
Limited Silk-Screen Print
威尼斯-橋 Venice series- Bridge
Limited Silk-Screen Print
水鄉之橋 Bridge
Limited Silk-Screen Print
水鄉 Water Valley
Limited Silk-Screen Print
長笛手 The Flute Player (1997)
Limited Silk-Screen Print
水鄉2 Water Valley2
60 x 100
Artist Biography

Chen, Yifei (1946 – 2005) was born in Zhenhai in the Zhejiang Province of China. In 1965, he graduated with excellent grades from the Shanghai Fine Arts Institute. In the same year, he joined professional artists group of painting & sculpture studio of Shanghai Paintings Institute. In the following years, he specialized in oil painting and became the head of the oil painting department at the Shanghai Painting Academy. Chen studied in the United States in 1980 and received his Master of Art degree from New York’s Hunter College in 1984 and he was accepted by the art community in a very short time with paintings in the ‘International Painting Exhibition’ as well as New England Modern Art Center. Paintings were shown in Smith College Museum and Boston City Hall in 1982. Grand scale paintings Loitering and Portrait of an Artist were shown in Brooklyn Museum, New York, 1982. He held several solo exhibitions in New York in 1983 and in Washington Art Museum in 1985; Tokyo Sebu Art Gallery, Japan, 1989 and 1990; Grand scale figure painting of Dr. Hammer for Los Angeles Hammer Art Museum and Culture Center, 1990; Retrospective show in New York, 1999. His works were selected to participate in the ‘Chinese Annual Realism Group Exhibition’ since 2005, and became a member of the Group. His work has been collected by the China National Gallery, the China Military Museum and other overseas collectors. His paintings, which depict landscapes and Chinese culture, have acquired international acclaim.

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