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Chan Kwan Lap

Life No. 8
68 x 138
Ink and Color on Paper
Dongqian Lake Inspirations no. 3
70 x 69
Ink and Color on Paper
Artist Biography

Born in China in 1947, Chan Kwan Lap completed a certificate course in Modern Chinese Ink Painting at the Department of Extra-mural Studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1981. In 1985 he was awarded a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts at Concordia University, Canada. In 2006 he was awarded the Master Degree of Fine Art by the RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) University. He has been honored with a prize for "Creativity in the Modern Interpretation of Ink & Colour" by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, a prize of distinction in the "Beijing International Ink & Wash Painting Exhibition 88" by the Academy of Chinese Painting, a prize of distinction in "The Grand Competition of Modern Chinese Ink Painting and Calligraphy" by the Foreign Culture Exchange Association of China, the Special Invitation Honor Prize at the “4th Contemporary Chinese Landscape Painting Exhibition”, and the prize of creativity in the “5th Contemporary Chinese Landscape Painting Exhibition” by the Central Chinese Ink Painting and Calligraphy Academy in Hu Nan, China.

His works are now in the collections of Hong Kong Museum of Art, Museum Section of the Regional Services Department of Hong Kong, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan Museum of Art, Jiangsu Prvince Museum of Art (China), Chengdu Modern Art Exhibition Hall (China), Shanghai Foreign Culture Exchange Association (China), Taiwan Art Education Institute, Teagu Culture & Art Centre (Korea), The Museum of Hu Nan Central Academy of Arts, Phoenix Art Museum, Tianyi Pavillian Museum of Arts, Malaysia Institute of Art, USA 1997 MOUNTAIN LAKE COLLECTION, First Institute of Art and Design (Hong Kong), The Association of Creative Japanese Contemporary Arts, Tai Kung Po (Chinese Newspaper) and private collectors. His works have also been selected and included in The selected Works of Modern Chinese Landscape Paintings, The Dictionary of Famous Artists and Masterpieces of Chinese Art & Calligraphy (Vol.II), The Chinese Contemporary Masters of Arts (Vol.II) and The Dictionary of the Achievements of World Chinese Artists, Record of the World Famous People, The Dictionary of Chinese People‧The Book of Contemporary Grand Culture and the Modern Art History of China and The book of 200 selected top-artwork for the Chinese New Era Landscape Painting etc.

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