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Chen Heliang

Green Series: Wang Onshek & Dongqian Lake Poetic View
62 x 133
Ink and Color on Paper
Artist Biography

Chen was born in Shanghai province, graduated from Arts and Designs Faculty of The Shanghai Applied Technologies College. He won the second award in the “New Year Art Publication Competition and the First Fan Art Competition” (Beijing) in 1984 and 1996 respectively. He has travelled Germany, Japan and Korea for artistic exchange and exhibition. His works have been selected in the National Art exhibitions and various exhibitions organized by the Artists Association. His works are acquired by both local and overseas institutions and private collectors, such as the German Hamburg Art Museum, French Dukiqk Government Museum, Shanghai Liu Haisu Art Museum and the Curator of Art Museum in Yale University in the U.S.

Chen is currently the director of Shanghai City Foreign Cultural Exchange Association, art director of magazine Art Scene and the chief editor of Famous Ink Painting Artists. He is a professional artist concentrating on artistic creation. Chen excels in Chinese calligraphy and Chinese ink painting and good at both ancient and modern texts. He has developed his own “no-boundary calligraphy” and a series of paintings based on green colour. He has published Selected Modern Paintings of Chen Heliang and Chen Heliang’s No Boundary Chinese Calligraphy, etc.

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