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Ho Pak Lee

37 x 59cm
Ink and Color on Paper
Artist Biography

From Shun Tak County of Guangdong Province, Ho was born in Guangzhou in 1945. At the age of fourteen, he studied under the guidance of Mr. Henry Wo Yue Kee. His first individual exhibition was held at the age of twenty-one. After that, effort was concentrated on creative landscape paintings --- evolving from intensive replicative drawing of nature to expressive, impressionist landscape paintings. Ho immigrated to Canada in 1984. He extensively explored and studied renowned art museums in the West. Energy was channelized to the exploration of the drawings of the Sung and Yuen Dynasties and the calligraphy of different historical periods. Finally, Ho develops a style that could be traced back to the Lingnan School of Paintings. It harmonizes the spirit of East and West, ancient and contemporary and is called “The Ho’s School of Landscape Paintings”. It is characterized by an integration of ink and colors. Mr. Ho has resided in Canada for more than twenty years. Enchanted by the crimson maple leaves that characterized autumn in Canada, Ho has been inspired to produce his recent works titled “The Rhythms” Series which arrest viewers’ eyes with its extravagant colors, natural flow of ink brush strokes and a style that pays attention to both expression and craftsmanship.

The published works of Mr. Ho include A Collection of Drawings by Ho Pak Lee, Impression of an Extensive Landscape, Freedom and Contentment of a Million Miles and An Impression of Beauty.

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