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Chan Shing Kau

Snow Mountains Series 09 (88) ----Freezing Snow (15)
138 x 70 cm
Ink and Color on Paper
Artist Biography

Chan was born in 1952 in Hong Kong. He is the First Director and Former Chairman of the Hong Kong Modern Ink Painting Society and Vice-chairman of the Chinese Chen Clan Association of Chinese Calligraphy and Paintings. He studied modern Chinese ink painting under Professor Liu Guo Song and Chinese Calligraphy, Seal Carving under Professor Ma Kwok Kuen. He has been listed in The Dictionary Achievements of World Chinese Artist and The Book of the Famous Artists of the Chinese Contemporary Art.

He was selected for the “First Global Art Exhibition”, “Asian International Joint Exhibition of Ink Painting”, “The Hong Kong Art Biennial 2003”, “First Taipei International Modern Ink Painting Biennial, 2006”, “The 11th China National Art Exhibition”, “Contemporary Hong Kong Ink Painting Exhibition 2006 & 2007”, “[Starlight] 1st Hong Kong Contemporary Arts Honors Show 2009” and so on. His awards include the Silver Prize at “The 7th Beijing International Art Expo 2004”, the Honor Gold Prize at the “Famous Artists of China and Korea Chinese Calligraphy and Paintings”, The Gold Prize of “The New Century-400 Artists of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting”, The Gold Prize at the “60th Anniversary of the Victory of Anti-Japanese War” and the Silver Prize at “The 9th Beijing International Art Expo 2006”. He is entitled to be the “Outstanding People’s Artist” both at the Central Chinese Ink Painting and the Calligraphy Academy of Hunan, China. He has held 6 solo exhibitions and various joint exhibitions in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Canada, Australia, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines and Russia. Publications include Square World Chinese Ink by Chan Shing Kau, Roam & Snow Modern Chinese Ink Painting by Chan Shing Kau, The Black & white Series 2004 by Chan Shing Kau, The Depth of Ink–The Ink Painting of Chan Shing Kau 2005 and Mountain ž River Dream – Modern Chinese Ink by Chan Shing Kau 2006.

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