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Du Xiaodong

Sunshine Everyday
Oil on Canvas
Artist Biography

Born in 1956 in Liaoning province. Du was graduated from the department of fine art in Harbin Normal Universityand then obtained his master degree in the Graduate School of Chinese National Academy of Arts. He is currently a member of the China Artist Association, member of council of Heilongjiang Art Association, Deputy Secretary-General of oil painting department of Heilongjiang Art Association and national first grade artist.

Major Exhibition

1990 Starting Point received bronze medal in the 2nd “Annual Sport Art Exhibition” and was collected by the Chinese Olympic Committee.
1994 Lost Pieces was selected by the 8th “National Art Exhibition”.
1997 The signs of zodiac was selected for the 4th ”Annual Sport Art Exhibition” and was collected by the International Olympic Committee.
2003 Appointment was nominated in the 3rd "National Art Exhibition”.
2004 Sunshine Zone was nominated in the 10th “National Art Exhibition”.
2005 Sunshine Zone was nominated in the “National Academy of Fine Arts Exhibition”.
2005 Endless was nominated in the “Nature and Human: the 2nd Chinese Contemporary Landscape and Oil Paintings Art Exhibition”.
2005 Northern Wolf was participated the 2nd “Chinese Landscape Oil Paintings Art Exhibition”.
2006 “Peasant Peasant” Invited Exhibition by National Art Museum of China.


Lost Piece was published in the Art Magazine the 12th issue in 2003.
Sunshine Zone was published in the artbook of the 10th National Art Exhibition.

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