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Hong Kong Ink 2010 - A Remarkable Success for Hong Kong Ink Paintings
Exhibition Date: 20 March (Saturday) to 30 April, 2010 (Friday)


"Hong Kong Ink 2010", organized by Baoqu Tang Gallery of Art will be held at Artexpace, a venue occupying more than 18,000 square feet in Hunghom, Kowloon. 22 top artists in Hong Kong with more than 140 selected ink paintings will be showcased from March 20 to April 10, 2010.

Mr. Philip Tse, the curator of the "Hong Kong Ink 2010" has invited the 22 artists personally after several months working on research and selection. He said, "The invited artists are very experienced and representative. Their techniques and ink languages are of very high quality and with personal styles. Their paintings show that they have attained a very high aesthetic standard. What school that the artists coming from and the factor of seniority are not considered in my judgment."

There are more than 140 remarkable paintings on show. These include traditional ink paintings that inherit from the Lingnan School, the ink works that integrated conventional skills with Western ideas, the innovative works that go beyond tradition with extraordinary media and new concepts, and the contemporary ink paintings that combined the art essences of the east and the west. They evolved respectively and become distinguishing characteristics of each artist. According to Mr. Tse, "Hong Kong ink paintings are at their flourishing state. They are full of variety that tradition and contemporary elements competing and complementing one another. This is the soul of Hong Kong Ink paintings and it represents a unique force in the Chinese Ink art scene.

The "Hong Kong Ink 2010" exhibition, aims at establishing a platform for the public and the collectors to appreciate Hong Kong Ink paintings, and to seek a common ground for Hong Kong Ink by reserving the differences between the mainstream of tradition and contemporary ink works. The characteristic of Hong Kong Ink and its influence and unique role in the Chinese art world should not be neglected. Eagerly anticipated "Hong Kong Ink 2010", will be on view from March 20to April 10 at Artexpace.

Artists: AU YEUNG Nai-chim, Eddie CHAN Kwan-lap, CHAN Shing-kau, CHAI Bu-Kuk, Raymond FUNG Wing-kee, GU Mei, HO Pak-lee, KAN Tai-keung, LAI Ming, Dominic LAM Man-kit, LAM Wu-fui, Anita LAU Kam-chee, MA Kwai-shun, SHUM Hon-shui, SHUM Mo, SIU Fai-wing, Nigel SZETO, Henry WO Yue-kee, WONG Chau-tung, WONG Hau-kwei, WONG Wing-yin, YUNG Shing-cho

Organizer: Baoqu Tang Gallery of Art

Location: Artexpace (G/F and 1/F, Hang Ngai Jewelry Ctr., 4 Hok Yuen St. East, Hunghom, Kowloon)

Opening Hour: 10:00am to 7:00pm (closed on Sunday)

Tel: (852) 2723 1928

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